Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why I Choose SMAN 3?

p/s: I'm simply stating that English is not my first language, so please excuse any grammatical errors.

            At first, I was very indecisive whether I wanted to continue my studies in a private school (again) or in a state school. Well, yes, I used to attend a private school when I was still in junior high school. But then, I thought it would be easier for me to enter any state universities in Indonesia if I chose to continue my studies in a state school. So, I started to think that I had to do well on the national exams.
            The moment when the result of the national exams was out, I was very grateful because I thought I had achieved a quite great mark. But I was still hesitating whether I would get to be a student at SMAN 3 or not, because I knew, entering SMAN 3 was not a piece of cake. Why? Because SMAN 3 has always been the best senior high school in Bandung and every single student in Bandung (or even in Indonesia) will want to enter this so-called favorite senior high school.
            But guess what? Here I am, currently studying at SMAN 3 and I’m now an official student of SMAN 3! I was extremely happy when I knew I got into this favorite high school that I almost screamed my lungs out (this may sound like I’m exaggerating but well, that’s the fact). Besides being happy, I was quite nervous, too. Because this is the very first time for me to enter a state school, and not to mention, it’s the best one in the city. I’ve been studying in private school for the entire 9 years. So I thought, the environment in a state school would be very different compared to the environment in a private school.
            On the first day of school, I noticed many differences between a state school and a private one, so I tried my best to adapt to my surroundings. And for now, I already feel comfortable with this whole new environment, so I guess I adapt well? Haha. The friends and the teachers at SMAN 3 are also friendly, which make me enjoy my school days.
            I choose SMAN 3 because it’s the best senior high school in Bandung, where I can get the best education from the best teachers. I choose SMAN 3 because I know, later I can get into any favorite universities in Indonesia because I graduate from the best senior high school in Bandung, which is SMAN 3. I choose SMAN 3 because I know, later I can get any jobs easily without any difficulties. I choose SMAN 3 because I want to be successful, and that’s why I only choose the best ones in life. I never even once regret my decision to enter SMAN 3, and I know, I will ever not.

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